Welcome to Mount Litera Zee School, Kathua or rather, an inspiring school of thought i.e creating the next generation of thought – larders in India. At Mount Litera Zee School Kathua, we have successfully challenged the erstwhile notion of schooling system that believed in creating an assembling line of same thinking students and created an ecosystem that celebrates and nurtures the potential that lies within each child. We do so by delivering the national accepted CBSE curriculum in a dynamic and unique manner. Thereby creating a generation who is ready for 21st century.

Principal's Message


If a plant is carefully nurtured by a gardener. It will blossom........... Children are like plants who need to be nurtured with care so that they can excel in their chosen fields.
As an educator I firmly believe in the proactive roll that an educational institution can play in the welfare of the society. I consider it an honour to be entrusted with the responsibility of this wonderful and esteemed institution which is already moving on to the path of progressive and holistic approach based on the pedagogy of ‘what is right for the child’ to achieve a caring and growing environment.

Character building is the most important aspect for building a bright future for generations to come and it is equally important to focus on leadership training, self governance, decision making, crisis management along with mastery of regular subjects at school.

Our endeavour at Mount Litera Zee School is to provide a platform where our students can take up opportunities and challenges to do things they are capable of and rise to their unique potential on all fronts curricular and co –curricular.
I believe in the motto Potential Est Intus that means potential within us. It is for us to make these children entrusted in our care to realize their true potential and achieve par excellence. Mrs. Mili R. Sumbria Principal Mount Litera Zee School


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We have taken up some Social Services done by our students in the slums and backward regions so that they can not only excel in education, but also as a good human being in the society.

Academic Infrastructure

Our classrooms are bench mark of excellent infrastructure-- spacious, & bright that support and encourage the smooth flow of all kind of academic interactions..

General Facilities

The children are given ample opportunities to perform on stage. Along with building their confidence, it also helps in language development. Language skills including English conversation are enhanced.

Sports facilities

School Provides to its students a well built Basket ball court . It is an indigenous game of the State of J & K. For discovering new talent and Promoting the sport this facility has been developed